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A Good Read Book Club

AGR Book Club is your pathway to adventure through fine cuisine, wine, spirits, and exclusive conversations with authors.

We are a community of readers, foodies, wine enthusiasts, and authors who like to go the distance with unique experiences that stem from our featured books.


Each month we feature an author, chef, and wine or spirits company that complement the imagery depicted inside of a book. With each story, you get access to recipes, deals, demonstrations, behind the scenes podcasts and more.


Our mission is to take you beyond the page to living out elements of your favorite stories. Reading is not one dimensional; through our Club you will truly get to experience the path and places of characters.

Book Club

Meet Felicia

Dr. Felicia J. Lindsey is the founding member of the AGR Book Club and an advocate of literacy.  After co-authoring and publishing a book, she realized the struggle that new authors face when working to get their work in front of an audience. Inspired to help, she decided to create a platform that would support both new and multi-published authors to get their works noticed. Being a lover of cooking, she decided to also use this space to highlight and celebrate new and up-and-coming chefs. AGR Book Club is a space combining her love of reading with the love of enjoying a delicious meal.

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