When was the last time YOU were the priority? During a long-overdue spa visit, Karen shared with the pedicurist that she had developed a callous down the center of her left foot. He examined it and asked a series of questions. "Do you do a lot of walking or wear high heels?" "Yes and yes." "When you take baths, do you use a pumice stone to smooth your feet?" "When I take baths? I don't take baths anymore. I just don't have the time." Wife, mother and entrepreneur, Karen Townsend invites you to join her on the journey from chaos to calm. After juggling a schedule so hectic that she couldn't even find time to put on lotion, she stumbled upon a solution that will help you make a commitment to TiME: Time for ME! In this book, you will learn • How to set boundaries so that others will respect your TiME • Creative strategies for saying "NO!" to requests that drain your time and energy • The importance of saying "YES!" to yourself • The true meaning of PMS • Fifty-two ways to put more balance into your life Karen M.R. Townsend, Ph.D., is the CEO of KTownsend Consulting. A popular conference speaker and seminar leader, she is also the founder of About My Sisters-an organization dedicated to the growth and empowerment of women and girls. Dr. Townsend resides in Dayton, Ohio with her husband, Sylvester, and their daughters, Syron and KaeLyn. To learn more, visit AboutMySisters.com.