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Maximize Your Book's Reach with Tailored Promotional Packages!

Elevate your book's visibility with our range of Author's Promotional Packages, designed to cater to every author's needs and budget. From the 3-month Bronze Package  to the comprehensive 12-month Platinum Package, find the perfect fit to spotlight your literary work and enhance its market presence.


The Author’s Platinum Promotional Package

Reach the pinnacle of book promotion with the Author's Platinum Promotional Package! Enjoy top-tier digital marketing, a custom landing page, and compelling short-form promotion videos. With blog features, email blasts, podcast appearances, author newsletters, guest spots, indie author videos, and access to the Authors Community, your book will command attention and admiration throughout its journey.


AuthorConnect: Your Monthly Literary Haven

Your comprehensive solution for authors seeking hassle-free book marketing and community engagement. Our monthly membership offers a unique blend of networking, support, and entertainment, tailored specifically for authors looking to enhance their presence without the burden of managing social media posting and content calendars.


AuthorSpotlight Plus: Your All-Inclusive Author Feature Package

Experience the ultimate spotlight for authors with AuthorSpotlight Plus. Our comprehensive package offers a week-long feature on our platform, including podcast integration for cross-marketing opportunities. Elevate your visibility and connect with our vibrant author community today!


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Whether you're an author looking to promote your latest novel, a publishing house seeking to engage readers, or a book lover wanting to share your favorite reads in a unique way, this Page to Reel got you covered.

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