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Inner Sanctum: Protecting my Peace through Poetry (Pinecones & Spaceships Book 6)

Dwight Thompson

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MY LIFE is a balm, five-ring alarm 1, 2, 3, Contact! do you bodily harm catch where I’m coming from? as your life signs go critical My hidden agenda becomes visible / physical Lyrical my mission statement / hit the pavement Anybody ask / FedEx / I was sent to leave a dent in this world / impact crater see the world for what it is / a baby shower. MY LIFE by Dwight Thompson, Poem #1 of INNER SANCTUM: Protecting my Peace through Poetry. It is not a misstep thinking that poetry is primarily an intellectual endeavour. It simply never was and never will be. Poetry is a spiritual endeavour first, the voice of the universe manifesting in range that cannot be measured or contained. Poetry is life. Poetry is about taking the truths of the universe and focusing it into a drop of blue ink and then having the words expand in a reader's mind, beyond the space between their ears and their years.

Book Review

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A solid collection of poems that range from the polite and nature-themed to societal reflection and the question of why we are here. Gritty and daring in its language yet gentle and humorous at times in its tone. I feel a strong connection the the writer and how he finds his peace.

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