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Maximize Your Book's Reach with Tailored Promotional Packages!

Elevate your book's visibility with our range of Author's Promotional Packages, designed to cater to every author's needs and budget. From the 3-month Bronze Package  to the comprehensive 12-month Platinum Package, find the perfect fit to spotlight your literary work and enhance its market presence.

Authors Marketing Kit

This kit serves as a comprehensive introduction, providing publishers and media outlets with essential information about the author, their background, and their work.

With its blend of succinct and compelling content complemented by visually captivating design elements, the Author Marketing Kit empowers authors to showcase themselves and their works with professionalism.


The Author's Spotlight Package

Ignite your book's presence with the Author's Spotlight Package! Get featured on a popular blog, star in three captivating short-form promotion videos, and reach new audiences with two targeted email blasts. Enhance your visibility further with exclusive podcast and guest features, plus a special indie author video.


The Author's Bronze Promotional Package

Boost your book's profile with the Author's Bronze Promotional Package! Dive into the digital world with premium marketing, featuring three posts per week, alongside three dynamic short-form promotion videos, and dual email blasts. Plus, gain invaluable insights and network opportunities with monthly access to the Authors Community, featuring special guest speakers.


The Author's Silver Promotional Package

Elevate your book's presence with the Author's Silver Promotional Package! Enjoy premium digital marketing, a custom landing page to nurture leads, and dynamic short-form promotion videos. With blog features, email blasts, podcast and guest appearances, indie author videos, and access to the Authors Community, your book is sure to shine!


The Author's Gold Promotional Package

Amplify your book's exposure with the Author's Gold Promotional Package! Benefit from premium digital marketing, a tailored landing page, and captivating short-form promotion videos. With blog features, press releases, podcast and guest spots, indie author videos, and access to the Authors Community, your book will shine brightly in the literary world!

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