Steak and Baguette

Put a spin on modern-day cuisine by bringing food from the page of great books to the plates of reading and food enthusiasts at AGR Book Club.

AGR Book Club provides a year-long membership to curate a chef of the month experience. We help brand chefs to an audience of readers who are eager to experience meals from their favorite books.

For your feature month, you will have an opportunity to introduce yourself and your unique approach to cuisine. After being featured, your contact information will live on our website and Facebook group for one year.

For a one-time fee of only $97.00 per year (or $8.83 per month)

What You'll Receive:

  • One cooking demonstration in-person or virtually for the AGR BookClub.

  • Three email blasts to introduce your demonstration, provide a reminder, and share a recap about your business. 

  • Two social media features of your recipe and chef bio. 

  • One activity a week in our Facebook group including a live video, pre-recorded video, post, etc.

  • One website feature that lists your bio, photo, link to your website and social media.

  • Ability to interact with AGR members throughout the year inside of the Facebook group.

  • Chef's dish and beverages will be paired and will be featured on our Spotlight Series and Saturday Book Talk

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