Dr. Felicia Johnson-Lindsey


Known to some as The Foot Doctor, Felicia Johnson-Lindsey, DPM, is also an avid book lover. She is a founding member of A Good Read Book Club, owner of Book Club Publishing and co-author of one book. Combining her entrepreneurial skills and social networking talents, she helps aspiring authors on their literary journey.

After hosting tons of book club discussions, the recurring questions asked of the guest authors included

· How did you start to write a book?

· What is your writing process?

· How do you find the time?

While scouring the internet for authors to interview or host, I came across a Clubhouse room. Aspiring authors asked the same questions as the book club attendees. Although thousands of books on writing are available, I realized that inspiration, clarity, and examples are needed. This unfulfilled desire to express with the written word inspired me to co-compile this anthology.