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Barbara Mostella-Oliver

Updated: May 29, 2023


My name is Barbara Mostella-Oliver, and I'm an author who writes mystery, murder, and suspense books in the fiction genre. My books are published under the name Barbara Mostella. I've published two of a three-book series, and the first exciting book in the trilogy is "Who Would Have Thought?" The series is organized as follows. Book 1, "Who Would Have Thought" Book 2, "Consequences of Crime, Greed, & Love" and Book 3, "Why Me Why Now," is coming.

You can find my current titles in paperback and eBook formats on Amazon, Barnes, and Noble (B&N), and Draft2Digital. My titles are also available through over 40,000+ booksellers doing business with Ingram.

I'm introducing my latest book, the second book in the series. Book 2 was a shortlisted finalist for the Best Book Editors 2021 Award Category: Best Cover.

Synopsis: (Book 2): A mystery in Alaska. Amelia and her brother have been receiving threats to force them to sell the hotel that's been in their family for thirty years.

A real estate developer solicits the help of three people he does not truly trust to help him save his company, which is in financial trouble.

Alphonso, the lead investigator for Soco & Soco law firm, takes a much-needed vacation in Florida. His plans are interrupted, he gets caught up in a web of lies, and his life is in danger. A tense and fast-paced suspense story with overtones of greed and love thrown into the mix. These incidents affect Alphonso, and who does he turn to for the answers he so desperately needs?

Education: Barbara graduated from Alabama A & M University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science.

​I love reading, and when not writing, I enjoy line dancing, quilting, and watching mystery movies.

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