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Chef KDJ


Under the tutelage of the consummate Master Chef Edward Janos, Chef KDJ jumpstarted his culinary career spanning more than forty years. As a certified executive chef, and former member of Chaîne des Rôtisseurs, he mastered execution and excellence. Whether preparing signature cuisine, conducting cooking demonstrations, or consulting restaurateurs on creative marketing ideas, his knowledge, wisdom and professionalism speak for itself.

Having overcome poverty and oral cancer, Chef KDJ mentors youth and serves the homeless. A natural at inspiring others to become the best version of themselves, he understands that the journey to achieve a goal is just as important—if not more than—accomplishing it. In addition to his debut book, Cooking Up Your Dreams, Chef KDJ’s sophomore project, Well Done, chronicles highlights of his culinary journey and lessons learned along the way.

With career milestones like sharing the stage with Tom Hanks, featured on an episode of Bar Rescue with Jon Taffer, and participating in Michelle Obama’s Chefs Move to School Program, Chef KDJ’s culinary genius has created numerous opportunities. From brand ambassador for Honey Smoked Fish Company, to creating custom cuisine for stellar events,

He understands that his flavor is only possible through God’s favor.

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