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Dr. Felicia J. Lindsey

Updated: Jun 5


Dr. Felicia J. Lindsey is the founding member of the AGR Book Club and an advocate of literacy. After co-authoring and publishing a book, she realized the struggle that new authors face when working to get their work in front of an audience. Inspired to help, she decided to create a platform that would support both new and multi-published authors to get their works noticed. Being a lover of cooking, she decided to also use this space to highlight and celebrate new and up-and-coming chefs. AGR Book Club is a space for membership engagement, combining the love of reading with the love of enjoying a delicious meal.

The site features a monthly newsletter that keeps members informed about local events and new releases from the online bookstore carrying their new favorite books. AGR Book Club has a Podcast Deliciously Lit that explores culinary arts with chefs, adventures through authors, and the ever-expanding world of wineries /distilleries. Additionally, the site features a blog that supports authors, Chefs, wineries/distilleries, and a platform to exhibit the latest talent. Joining AGR Book Club inspires members to connect with a community of like-minded book enthusiasts and cook a fantastic meal with loved ones. In addition to building community, AGR Book Club assists new authors with marketing by helping them get their books featured in book club discussions. For those who enjoy the cooking aspects, the site provides an opportunity for people to have personal experiences with chefs. Dr. Felicia has always found comfort in a good book. With AGR Book Club, she hopes to bring the gift of reading for pleasure and fun to both novice and seasoned readers alike.

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AGR Book Club exists to connect readers to creators that curate a memorable experience inspired by the stories told in books. If you would like to share a dish or wine derived from a book or are the author of a fiction book that takes you on unforgettable adventure, let's talk.

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