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Fe’s Reads BookTok Book’s: Fantasy Edition

Updated: Jun 10

This month I read a few fantasy books.

"The Tearsmith” is a haunting tale that unfolds within the walls of the Grave’s Orphanage, a ghastly place where Nica, our protagonist, endured a childhood of torment. Coping with the harsh reality, Nica sought refuge in her imagination, weaving fantastical stories—especially about the enigmatic Tearsmith. This mysterious craftsman, feared by all, was said to forge the very fears and anxieties that plagued people’s hearts.

When Nica is finally adopted by Anna and Norman at the age of seventeen, she believes she’s leaving behind the group home’s horrors and her prison of otherworldly tales. But fate has other plans. Rigel, a troubled young man raised in the same dreadful orphanage, becomes part of their new family. Despite their long history of distrust and hostility, shared trauma binds Nica and Rigel together. As they live under one roof, forbidden love blossoms, but their past shadows loom large, threatening any chance of a future together.

Read the book look at the Netflix movie and tell me if you think there any competition for the loved twilight series.

In addition to “The Tearsmith,” let me introduce you to a couple more captivating reads:

If you have not been invited to start the Crescent city series, consider yourself cordially invited!!

Bryce Quinlan’s life takes a tragic turn when a demon murders her closest friends. Determined to avenge their deaths, she dives into the heart of the investigation. Alongside her is Hunt Athalar, a notorious Fallen angel enslaved to the Archangels. Together, they uncover a dark power that jeopardizes everything they hold dear. Passion ignites between them, but secrets and danger abound in this richly inventive fantasy series by Sarah J. Maas.

2. “House of Flame and Shadow (Book 3 in the Crescent City series):

Bryce Quinlan, stranded in a strange new world, yearns to return to Midgard—the place where her family, friends, and mate reside. But trust is scarce, and she must navigate treacherous waters. Meanwhile, Hunt Athalar faces his own challenges, desperate to help Bryce despite being ensnared in the Asteri’s dungeons. Their intertwined fate holds the key to Crescent City’s survival.

When cellist Thea unexpectedly enters his life, he knows she’s the last person he should fall for. She’s innocent, kind, and undeniably human. But secrets unravel, and Thea becomes a target. Protection becomes paramount, and their worlds collide in this tantalizing series.

Remember, these books promise unforgettable characters, sizzling romance, and suspense that will keep you turning pages. Happy reading! 📚🌟 Tell me your thoughts on these books comment below!

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