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Fe’s Reads Indie Author Spotlight: May Edition

Updated: Jun 10

This month, we’re thrilled to introduce three talented indie authors whose works span diverse genres and themes. Let’s dive into their captivating tales:

  1. Kasey Rogers: “The Color of Frost” Genre: Fiction Synopsis: In “The Color of Frost,” Kasey Rogers weaves a spellbinding narrative that tugs at the heartstrings. Amidst chilling landscapes and hidden secrets, the story follows Nina DeMarco—an adopted twenty-seven-year-old woman battling anxiety and depression. As Nina unravels the mystery of a series of letters hidden in her new attic apartment, she discovers a connection to Lilia Michaud, the enigmatic woman who once lived there. Despite being born decades apart, their lives intersect, revealing unexpected common threads. Part mystery, part historical fiction, “The Color of Frost” bridges the past and present, resonating with themes relevant to today’s headlines.

  2. Darlene Carlisle Matthews: “Devoted” Genre: Non-Fiction (Caregiving) Message: Darlene’s book transcends mere guidance—it’s a lifeline for those navigating the complexities of caring for elderly loved ones. With compassion and practical wisdom, she addresses the challenges faced by caregivers. Whether you seek advice on home care or explore suitable facilities, “Devoted” illuminates the path forward.

  3. Amy Winfield: “A Kaleidoscope of Ages” Genre: Colorful Fiction Synopsis: Amy Winfield’s whimsical storytelling invites us into a kaleidoscope of time and hues. From childhood wonder to the golden years, her characters dance through life’s vibrant spectrum. And yes, there’s a delightful twist—a big-hearted character with an equally big… well, let’s just say, a colorful personality.  Meet Agent Big Butt, the newborn with an extraordinary derrière. His steel-hard butt emits explosive farts that can defeat any adversary. As a superhero navigating fame, school, and bullies, he faces a relentless, evil doctor determined to uncover the secret behind his ultra-powerful posterior.

Join us as we explore these literary gems, sip our favorite beverages, and savor the flavors of imagination. 📖🥂🌈 support are in the authors read their books give reviews. Comment below.

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Amy Winfield
Amy Winfield
May 20

These books look very interesting!

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