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Holiday Read: Christmas at the Gingerbread Inn


Two lonely hearts find healing and hope this Christmas at the Gingerbread Inn...

Ever since his mother passed away two years ago, Caleb Pine has been stuck while the rest of his family seems to have moved on. Alone at Christmas, he finds himself drawn back to Martha’s Vineyard and the Gingerbread Inn, where his family spent a wonderful Christmas holiday when he was a teen. To his surprise, the local girl he almost kissed under the mistletoe all those years ago is now grown up and running the Inn.

This is Eden Edgar’s first year in charge at the Gingerbread Inn since her parents’ retirement, and it’s been a little bumpy especially since her heart yearns to pursue her music. When the other guests cancel at the last minute, Caleb and Eden find themselves alone at the Inn. Christmas magic is afoot as Eden helps Caleb grieve and Caleb helps Eden envision a brighter future than she could ever imagine.

When a tragic house fire leaves a local family homeless for the holidays, Caleb and Eden work together to make a merry Christmas for the single mom and her children at the B&B. As the community joins in, Caleb and Eden are reminded the true meaning of Christmas is sharing and caring for others. And best of all, they dare to hope for a new love that will last a year.

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