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Peameal Bacon Sandwich

Peameal Bacon Sandwich


▢ 2 Slices Peameal bacon

▢ 1 tbsp maple syrup

▢ 2 Eggs

▢ 2 Slices cheddar cheese

▢ 2 Large brioche buns

▢ 1 Avocado

▢ Mayonnaise, to taste


  • Cut a large piece of peameal bacon into thin slices, about ¼ inch thick.

  • In a small skillet, sizzle peameal bacon over medium heat, until cooked through and reaches 145 degrees internally. About 1 minute before the bacon is ready, add the maple syrup into the skillet and allow it to caramelize on the outside of the pork.

  • In a separate skillet, cook an egg over-easy. When you flip the egg, remove it from the heat, add a slice of cheddar cheese to the top of the egg, and cover with a lid. Allow the egg to cook until it reaches the desired wellness and cheese is melted.

  • Butter the bun on each side and grill on a griddle or in a skillet until toasted.


Cut the avocado into slices and place on the bottom bun.

Then add Peameal bacon

Then add egg covered in cheese.

Spread mayonnaise on the top bun and place bun on sandwich.

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