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Consequences of Crime, Greed, & Love (Who Would Have Thought)

Barbara Mostella

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Amelia and her brother own a hotel in Anchorage, Alaska. They have been receiving messages trying to force them to sell – but the hotel has been in their family for thirty years. Tyler is a real estate developer. He has allowed the business to fall into financial ruin since the death of his father. Consequently, Tyler solicits the help of three people, including an officer of the local police force to bail him out of trouble. Having taken out a high-interest loan to keep his business afloat and with no means of paying it back -he’s in trouble. He could lose everything if things don’t go according to plan. Alphonso, the lead investigator for Soco & Soco law firm, is going on vacation – but his plans are interrupted when a new case comes in. He gets caught up in a web of mystery and lies – and his life is put in mortal danger.

Book Review

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"My Book Club, Nubian Book Discussion Society, invited the author to join us with our discussion of her book. The members were very pleased with Barbara's input with much detail behind the writing and insight into the characters. The group agreed, the book's pace moved quickly, but at the same time, the suspense was there. Out of a rating of 10, our book club gave a rating of 9.3. We are anxiously waiting for the next book in the series." - Pamela W Huff

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