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Devoted: A Caregiver’s Handbook and Guide for How to Care for a Family Member in a Nursing Home Facility

Darlene Carlisle-Matthew

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This caregiver’s handbook is dedicated to my cute, strong, resilient, caring, loving, giving, happy, witty, and sometimes nosey, mother. She was a caregiver to her partially paralyzed father, three children, one handicap, and an elderly mother. She could have taught a master class on how to be a caring, and devoted caregiver. I learned from the best.

Book Review

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"This caregivers handbook is an invaluable resource for navigating the complex process of finding a suitable facilities. It is packed with practical advice, it offers step-by-step guidance to help family members make well-informed decisions and helps to lists things not to forget in this long process. This is a MUST buy if you have a loved one you may one day have to look after. Very very helpful."

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