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The Color of Frost

Kasey Rogers

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Book Description

The Color of Frost tells the story of Nina DeMarco, an adopted twenty-seven-year-old woman suffering from anxiety and depression. As the story unfolds, Nina begins to overcome the despair of her failed marriage by challenging herself to find the owner of a series of letters she finds hidden in the crawlspace of her new attic apartment. Nina feels connected to the author of the letters, a mysterious Lilia Michaud, the woman who once lived there. While the two women are born decades apart, Nina becomes fascinated by Lilia's unconventional life, having escaped an abusive guardian when her uncle comes and rescues her.

Book Review

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"A beautiful story about the power to change one's life. A page-turner of a journey where Nina goes from the very depths of despair into discovering who she really is. I couldn't put it down. I felt like I became part of the incredible little community of strangers that become a family of their own. It's a novel that left me full of hope."

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