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The Seed of Simeon, Simon of Cyrene

Dr. John E. Bell

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The story revolves around Simon of Cyrene, a Black African man in a pivotal historical moment, assisting Jesus Christ with his cross on the way to Calvary. Simon, the only person recorded in history touched by the living blood of Jesus, becomes the central figure in a tale that spans generations. This gripping narrative takes the reader on an adventure through time, exploring the lineage of Simon and the extraordinary healing power passed down through the generations. The protagonist, Simeon of Niger, unknowingly becomes the last sacred living relic of the lifeblood of Simon of Cyrene. However, a dark force, fueled by government greed and sinister scientific ambitions, seeks to exploit this divine power for its own gain. As the story unfolds, readers will be immersed in a world where mystery, scientific imagination, and African cultural richness converge.

Book Review

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This book is an amazing look at the life of Simon of Cyrene in a whole new way. It allows the reader to see the descendants from a futuristic standpoint. This book creates an interesting story of descendant generations from Simon of Cyrene that can heal any human ailment by their inherited divine gift of life in their blood. This story creates suspense, adventure, sci-fi fantasy and some historical references to biblical times that are truly inspiring and interestingly pleasing in this unique story in this book. If you like new interesting stories that create wonder, adventure and suspense then this truly is a great book. I Highly recommend this book as a great read for Christian and Non Christian readers that love a unique perspective about biblical unsung heroes.

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