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Well Done: Bringing Soul to the Recipe of Life

Keith Denard Jones

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When asked about his favorite recipe, Executive Chef Keith Denard Jones used to say, “Lobster enchilada with jalapeño marmalade.” However, having experienced where-there’s-smoke-there’s-fire antagonists and out-of-the-frying-pan-into-the-fire challenges, Chef KDJ has a new dish. His recipe of success consists of passion, preparation, and persistence. Blended with integrity, garnished with love, and served with charisma, he brings soul to the recipe of life.

Book Review

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Chef Keith is an extraordinary human being who exemplifies what we all should aspire to be. By sharing the challenging experiences of his humble beginnings, he proves to all of us that there is hope in every situation, as long as we follow the guidance of those who come into our lives to help lead us out of our hard ships and into productive lives. You should gobble up every word Chef Keith utters AND every morsel of his delicious recipes!

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