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Whispered Lies

Phillip Manning

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Book Description

With tearful eyes Waleed transported his twins, Nyala and Malik, to the other side of the world. Thrown from a lush rainforest to a frigid tundra, the twins must now figure out the secrets of their lineage. They are joined by Abeni, a mysterious sorcerer who agrees to train them. Simiko and Faelin, descendents of dragons, accompany the group as they are tasked with finding Tyberios, the elder dragon whose race was long thought to be extinct. Tyberios has been calling out to the twins to assist him with strengthening the gate that keeps their world safe from the otherworlders, sorcerers called Kahiji. Simultaneously, the sigra, a monster race once thought to be unintelligent, have now begun to speak with a level of cleverness once thought to be impossible. Nyala and Malik encounter the cat-like Neko Tai, the fiery haired Kopana and the diminutive Vasti before coming face to face with truths that will shake them to the core and change the world irrevocably. What has been true and what has been a lie?

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